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Our own, Western New York Albro family had no apparent ties to the other Albros in the area. There were other Albros, in Busti, Ny., around Cortland and Syracuse, and near Ellisburg, Ny. And, with the advent of DNA testing, we find the Albro families from the Ellisburg, NY. area with the same names (Oliver, Oscar, etc.) are in fact ours. There was an Oscar Albro who died in a Syracuse hospital June 8, 1918. His body was identified by his brother, who was from Ellisburg. His age is right. Our DNA trail links to his sisters, Olive Cordelia Albro and Elnora Albro and a brother, Willard Albro. We are 99% sure this is our Oscar.
 The connection to the Busti Albros has been very elusive. It must be back in RI. with the first couple generations of Albro. Daniel Albro was possibly born in RI. around 1788. Records we have seen say that he was, but, records from that area and time don't mention him.
  On the Rowe side of the family, we are still searching for the death and burial place of Legrand Rowe.

In September (2014) we spent a week camped south of Jamestown, NY. about one mile from the PA. line. While we were there we did some Genealogy research in Warren, and Kellettville, PA. I have made a page dedicated to the information we gleaned from the Kellettville trip.

We are working on the ALBRO family tree as it pertains to these locations and ancestors. We're also researching the following surnames; COBBE, LAFFERTY, ROWE, MONTGOMERY, EAKIN, THOMPSON, STONE, BURROWS, SIMPSON, HERPST, THOMAS, WEAVER and ADAMS in the PA, MD, MICHIGAN, NY, and OH, areas.

We are also researching Doxey, White, Beverley and related families.

We would like to thank the many generous patriarchs of our family. Without whose help and firsthand information, this site would not be possible. Many of the pictures here are irreplaceable, and a very special thanks goes out to those who let us borrow them long enough to have copies made.

Please, browse these pages and if you come across a familiar name, someone in your tree, let us know. Maybe we can help each other.

We have some pictures of unknown people in our collection. They can be found on the Unknowns photo page. We sure would like to be able to put a name to the faces. Can you help?

Several years ago, I was the webmaster for the Florida Trails to the Past website.
  I wrote a short article about How to Survive in Florida in 8 easy lessons.
Recently, there has been some interest in it, so here it is for your amusement/Information. How to Survive in Florida

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