Kellettville, PA.

Kellettville lies on both sides of the Tionesta Creek, three miles southeast of Panther Run Rock. Ancient pottery found there indicates that perhaps a race older than the indians which early settlers found living there once inhabited the region, as the Tionesta Creek Indians were not pottery makers.

At it's peak, Kelletville had 1300 people, two sawmills, a hub factory, a kiln wood factory and a tannery.

When the town was abandoned in 1943, due to the building of the Tionesta Flood Control dam and lake, there remained eight houses and a store building. These were sold by the U.S. Government under sealed bids to be removed or torn down. See note #1

I visited the courthouse in Tionesta, Pa. (the Forest County seat) and found this in the property records section. (Many thanks to the ladys in that office for their much appreciated help).

William Toby and Mary Anna Toby to Oscar B. Albro. Deed dated Oct. 8, 1891 consideration $10.00 Kingsley Township, containing 6600 sq. feet. acknowledged Oct. 8, 1891 Recorded January 20, 1892. See note #2

Sister Patricia found the following information from The Forest Republican newspaper in Tionesta, Pa.:

  1. August 17, 1892: Oscar Albro has purchased two fine lots on the back street and has a dwelling about erected thereon.
  3. August 22, 1894: Oscar B. Albro was quite severely shaken up one day last week while working at the tannery. In falling from a structure one of his ribs was loosened from the backbone and his body and limbs otherwise shaken up. A weeks rest will perhaps render him able for duty.
  5. August 14, 1895: Mrs. Martha Pierson has purchased the property of Oscar Albro; consideration $300.
  7. August 28, 1895: Oscar Albro intends to exchange residences with R. K. Grove about the first of September.

Note #1- This information from a book "History of Forest County, Pa. Chapter XXVI Kingsley Township.

Note #2- William Tobey was a lumber manufacturer in Kellettville, born in Chautauqua County, NY. in 1825.