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Albro Rhode Island Births

From Vital Records of R.I. 1636 to 1850

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NameDateParentsOther Info
Albro, SarahMarch 22, 1741John and Lydia 
Albro, JobJuly 24, 1743  
Albro, GeorgeMarch 27, 1798  
Albro, JosephSeptember 28, 1748Peter and Ann 
Albro, JamesMarch 18, 1778Samuel and Sarah 
Albro, LydiaJuly 30, 1786Stephen and Hanna(h) 
Anthony, Susan EmilyMay 13, 1837Albro and Susan 
Albro, JohnAugust 23, 1694John Jr. and Mary 
Albro, JohnJune 7, 1714John Jr. and Abigail 
Albro, SamuelFebruary 10, 1725-6Samuel and Ruth 
Albro, RobertMarch 9, 1760Jonathan and Mary 
Albro, JohnSeptember 7, 1750Samuel Jr. and Jane 
Albro, MartinDecember 12, 1762David and Elizabeth 
Albro, RuthFebruary 28, 1765James and Elizabeth 
Albro, AbrahamApril 9, 1774Jonathan and Elizabeth 
Albro, CalebAugust 22, 1775Job and Huldah 
Albro, WilliamJuly 24, 1786Robert and Innocent 
Albro, JonathanJanuary 30, 1791Robert and Innocent 
Albro, LydiaJanuary 3, 1795Gideon and Lydia 
Albro, PelegMay 1, 1796Jonathan and Esther 
Albro, SamuelJune 24, 1796John and Sarah 
Albro, SarahMay 22, 1797James and Rebecca 
Albro, RhodaDecember 24, 1800Gideon and Sarah 
Albro, ClarisaApril 16, 1818Robert and Mary 
Albro, Sarah AnnOctober 7, 1822William and Phebe 
Anthony, AlbroSeptember 25, 1694John and Susanna 
Anthony, ElizabethApril 27, 1728Albro and Susanna  
Albro, George WaiteJuly 12, 1779Benjamin and AbigailNorth Kingston
Downing, George AlbroDecember 6, 1812  
Albro, AliceAugust 7, 1797David Jr. and Phebe 
Albro, ElizabethApril 17, 1731John and Barbary 
Albro, JeremiahJune ?,?John and --Freeborn 
Albro, JohnApril 16, 1739Samuel and Alice 
Albro, MaryJuly 31, 1752Stephen and Alce 
Tefft, BenjaminNovember 22, 1798Samuel Albro and Sarah 
Cooper, Susan CatharineDecember 28, 1823William and Susan Albro 


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